King Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan – In Depth Outdoors TV, Season 15 Episode 23

James Holst, PJ Vick, and Connor Bowen head out on Lake Michigan to troll for king salmon.

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23 Replies to “King Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan – In Depth Outdoors TV, Season 15 Episode 23”

  1. I’m gonna be fishing salmon in Lake Michigan tomorrow and I’m really excited I hope I have luck like y’all did

  2. The majority of our kings are wild now so it’s not exactly a put and take fishery

  3. Always interesting to see how you North Central guys fish Kings. We here in the PNW do it a fair bit differently.
    Definitely think we can learn from each other. ✌

  4. down riggers catch plenty of fish with swr's and with out use the 100 ft rule when deploying the riggers and run your rigger rods with 15 pound leaders of floro carbon line on spoons, flasher flys don't matter and you will be on a better rigger bite but be sure your not running junk reels cheep reels = lost equipment

  5. I know for an absolute fact that Connor has done that solo in a Jon boat haha kid is savage

  6. Awesome video dudezz! Lol connors just a straight hammer!!🔥🔨🔨 keep it comin!🤙🏼

  7. Yet another Wisconsin video! I am expecting James and PJ both to move onto our fair state any day now. Keep up the good work guys.

  8. You guys should do the Michigan May run. Erie one day trolling for eyes then West Michigan the next day for kings. Not gonna lie it’s a crazy fun 2 day adventure.

  9. Some beautiful fish and I can't wait to see them on the grill. Oh, that's right, you're going West not East. Enjoy! They are definitely going to be tasty. Thanks for sharing.

  10. That shirt Connor's wearing is absolutely awesome! Where could I get myself one of those lol

  11. I bet you get paid a lot for catching King Samon! Their so expensive to buy in the store though!

  12. I like to eat samon and I recently bought some king samon from the store so I’m craving samon!

  13. Wow some of those fish were absolute tanks! Is there a window in the spring here where the bite is the best? Or would you say the bite stays pretty consistent throughout the year? Great show

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