INSANE KING SALMON BOBBER DOWNS! – Float Fishing Salmon Run 2022

INSANE float drops on fresh king salmon in a tiny creek!

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26 Replies to “INSANE KING SALMON BOBBER DOWNS! – Float Fishing Salmon Run 2022”

  1. ive probably rewatched the intro bobber down like 30 times. one of the most cleanest bobber downs ive seen. music makes it 10x better

  2. What poundage do you use on your lines that you're literally ripping them on to shore…. Also, I'm trying to figure out why on every hook up, there is a need to jump into the water and run after them into the hole … just asking

  3. Wouldn’t be breaking them off so easily if your drag was done properly or even using a centre pin

  4. Little advice, stop horsing the fish in and let them do their running. You'll have more fish landed.

  5. None better that fighting a king! Used to fish Lake Michigan in the 80's! First king I caught, tried to thumb the spool to slow it down and burnt my thumb! Temperature fishing with down riggers and rarely got skunked. Never lost my taste for salmon either, as there are soooo many ways to cook 'em up!

  6. What part of the country is this at? I don't get to fish much but the area looks much better then the desert.

  7. Try fighting the fish instead of powerhouse and horsing the fish in! it's a promise that your landing ratio will increase!!!

  8. Way different then we fish Here on oregon coast are nooks drain the bobber and keep it pinned under water good job having eye of the bobber….how do your fish cut there pale or red ?

  9. Laughing my butt off. I think this guy pretty much knows what he is doing, no net and yes he pretty much had to horse them right there. Those were beasts! Nice video

  10. Where about a in Oregon is this if you don’t mind me asking? Heading there in a month would love to try and get my pole bent by one of these guys

  11. Why do you jump in the river???? Your busting the salmon adrenaline. They most likely think your a bear. Come on!!

  12. Seeing you guys horse the fish and not letting them fight. Pisses me off. The fun of fishing is the fight. Plus your using so much force to horse the fish in that's why your snapping your line. Learn to let the fish fight. Loosen the drag, let them fight, have alot more fun.

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