Fishin' in the Dark – Evening Coho Salmon on the Vedder – Always in Pursuit

Rod and Danena go out for some evening salmon fishing on the Vedder River!

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Denial Pool – Vedder River Chinook Salmon – Always in Pursuit

Rod and Danena go out fishing on the Vedder River, catching Chinook Salmon, and discovering the elusive denial pool…

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Salmon Fishing for Coho Sockeye Chinook and Pink Salmon on the Vedder River in ONE DAY

Salmon Fishing for Coho, Sockeye, Chinook, and Pink Salmon on the Vedder River all in ONE DAY! I had no idea this would actually happen since I had never actually caught a sockeye before on the vedder. Let’s face it I wasn’t actually trying to do this. I was just float fishing in the lower river and everything lined up to make it happen. The first like bite was INSANE as you can see. Floats dropping left right and center.

I met the guy beside me to my right, Will, on the walk out from the parking lot. We both decided to head to the bottom of the run and it turned out really well for us. Crazy action and there were great numbers of Chrome Coho around. I love catching Vedder River Coho.

ALSO CAUGHT MY BIGGEST CHINOOK to DATE on the river. I’ll post the whole video some other time. This beast was NORTH of 25 pounds for sure. Never got a weight since I let her go to swim away after some pics. So thick though. What a battle as well.

Bobber downs all morning. I was using Roe sacks I had tied and they were taking them very well. Short floating the rig is the key. You don’t want your presentation dragging bottom. Get it up above their eyes and they will DROP YOUR BOBBER.

Last Year was a great year and I am hoping for another excellent season if we could get some rain and the bite turns on.

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CHINOOK Spring Salmon on the Vedder River. I joined the "Gong Show"

Hello all, I finally decide to put up a video for chinook salmon. After putting in a lot of hours, I got the hang of it and fished it out! This is not a secret spot but is a hot spot. As long as you respect each other, it isnt as bad as you think. One the most crowded spot on the Vedder river. I wouldn’t recommend this run to beginners or someone new because of the crowd, it would be too tough. I recommend walking up further or exploring, there are fish all over the river. Tight lines and good luck!

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VEDDER RIVER Salmon CATCH & COOK (Coho, Red Chinook and White Chinook) Taste Test

I had a fantastic fall outing on the Vedder River in Chilliwack, BC. Over the course of one evening and the following morning, I managed to hook a Coho, White Chinook and Red Chinook Salmon. I’ve often wondered which Salmon species I enjoy the most so I decided to do a taste test and fried them up on the tailgate. All of the fish were caught using softbeads. Coho, Red Spring and White Spring all have distinct flavours and are great on a dinner plate!

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Vedder River Winter Steelhead Fishing | 2022

A cold winter morning out on the Vedder River (Chilliwack River) turned out to be successful, Kari hooked a nice wild doe steelhead at Allison pool on the centre pin, while I was nymphing & swinging intruders. We did our best to land the fish as fast as we could with wet hands and released it quick. The fish had a weird marking on its belly, if you have any clue what that might be drop a comment and let us know!

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