Our Search Begins for Red Springs on the Vedder River | EP19

Red Chinook season officially kicked off on July 1st!
We finally went back to the Vedder on July 4th to check things out. Vedder River was beautiful as always, but the water was crazy high, so we didn’t get to fish much. Our backup plan also didn’t pan out as expected; still fishless on-camera on the Vedder😅

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Welcome to my YouTube Channel!

It’s one of our most awaited get away every summer where we switch off from modern life.
Camping……it’s where the TEAM’s excited on.
Team works for putting up tents, cooking meals, playing games and most especially drinking beers😂.
A night spent under the stars, sound of nature and the laughters we shared. A home far away from home. Turned out to be the most memorable weekend get away as always, with the TEAM!!!




Lake Down Section of the Chilliwack River: 2022 Version AFTER THE FLOODS

This is a video of the Lake Down whitewater section after the winter floods and freezes that caused havoc in the Fraser Valley. A number of changes. Portage at the start is gone, big log jam after the portage is gone. Second big log jam that we sneak on the left is now a portage. lots of wood and rocks have moved creating a different flow that makes it boney to get through in a few places. Still a good run and worth the effort when the river is low. Might want to consider running it a little higher than we used to, like 0.9 – 1.0.

Helicopter Vehicle Extractions from the Chilliwack River following the 2021 Flood, British Columbia

Three vehicles were swept into the Chilliwack River near Soowahlie First Nation following the “atmospheric river” floods that devastated much of British Columbia’s lower mainland in November and December of 2021.

A joint project between Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), Soowahlie First Nation, ICBC, AJ Towing, Kootenay Valley Helicopters (KVH) and Gidney Signs saw all three vehicles removed on May 1st, 2022.

The removal of these vehicles was important for the protection of fish, specifically salmon and trout populations and the habitat which they depend on.

River Damage After Historic Flooding | BC Floods | Drone Footage

In early December I captured drone footage of a roughly 6km stretch of the Chilliwack River. For anyone familiar with the river, the damage is very obvious. For those not familiar with the river or what flood damage on a river looks like, the biggest sign is the river banks where it appears to be freshly eroded. One of the most obvious areas of destruction is at the 13:30 mark on the left hand side of the shot where that portion of the road was nearly washed away by the flooding river.

Chilliwack River Dyke update after one of the worst rain & wind storms and flooding I have seen.

Nov 16th. 2021 – Chilliwack River Dyke update after one of the worst rain & wind storms and flooding I have seen.
Looks good, they Dyke has lots of room but wow is it moving fast and high. I saw lots of trees go by in the short time I was down there.
The secondary canal that all the Salmon swim up still had regular levels and was not moving fast so it looks like it wasn’t effected as much.

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