Fishing adventures in hatchery at Chilliwack river

Fishing trip for salmon is a fishing holiday that offers an enchanting salmon fishing in the Chilliwack, Vedder and Stave rivers. Danish tour guide with many years of experience in fishing follows the entire trip and does his best to get us fishing in the right places and with the best methods. Chilliwack river is world famous for its terrific rise of particularly large king salmon and Silver salmon in September and lots of dog salmon in October
We live 20 meters from the Chilliwack river and there is really good fishing just below the house and we have it all to ourselves.
Fishing trips go to Norway, Canada, Bosnia, Ireland, Skjern Å, Sweden and Iceland.

Chilliwack river bc steelhead fishing

My story on the steelhead oh what a day I had been trying to catch this fish for a long time I got lucky though my line got tangled and all of a sudden there was a nudge and much to my surprise there was a steelhead hooked onto my rod I was shocked that has never happened to me before so you never know what adventures you can have for your catching fish in the summer was a good memory cheers to all

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