WHITE WATER RAFTING | Chilliwack River Rafting

Hey lads.

This is something completely different to the channel.
We decided to hit the rapid fast water of Chilliwack in British Coloumbia.
Our guides assured us that the level of the water was as high and fast as it had been for years.
This made for great fun as we bombed down the river.
We had a group of 15 all together.
3 rafts, 2 for the extreme and 1 for the classic run.

All in all we had a blast.
I would like to thank Chilliwack River Rafting for the safe trip and for the great set up they provide.
Check them out below;

How To Set up & Fish For Trout, EVERYTHING You Need To Know!

Today, we’re teaching you everything you need to know to get out and set up and fish for trout! As a beginner getting into trout fishing, it can be very overwhelming with everything you need to learn to be successful. All these crazy trout fishing terms you probably don’t know, a million different trout fishing lures and baits to choose from, a bunch of trout fishing setups you can rig up with, everything seems like so much! In this video Jordan from Addicted Fishing is showing you all the basics from actually pulling the trout rod and reel from the packaging, to spooling line, rigging the trout fishing techniques and so much more! We hope this video helps a bunch of you become successful trout anglers. Thanks for watching, be sure to share with a friend who wants to learn how to catch trout!

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I went TROUT fishing with live worms at one of my favorite creeks! I caught some nice rainbow trout and brook trout. I found a hole that was full of trout! It didn’t take long to catch my limit 🙂

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Welcome to my YouTube Channel!

It’s one of our most awaited get away every summer where we switch off from modern life.
Camping……it’s where the TEAM’s excited on.
Team works for putting up tents, cooking meals, playing games and most especially drinking beers😂.
A night spent under the stars, sound of nature and the laughters we shared. A home far away from home. Turned out to be the most memorable weekend get away as always, with the TEAM!!!




Lake Down Section of the Chilliwack River: 2022 Version AFTER THE FLOODS

This is a video of the Lake Down whitewater section after the winter floods and freezes that caused havoc in the Fraser Valley. A number of changes. Portage at the start is gone, big log jam after the portage is gone. Second big log jam that we sneak on the left is now a portage. lots of wood and rocks have moved creating a different flow that makes it boney to get through in a few places. Still a good run and worth the effort when the river is low. Might want to consider running it a little higher than we used to, like 0.9 – 1.0.

Helicopter Vehicle Extractions from the Chilliwack River following the 2021 Flood, British Columbia

Three vehicles were swept into the Chilliwack River near Soowahlie First Nation following the “atmospheric river” floods that devastated much of British Columbia’s lower mainland in November and December of 2021.

A joint project between Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), Soowahlie First Nation, ICBC, AJ Towing, Kootenay Valley Helicopters (KVH) and Gidney Signs saw all three vehicles removed on May 1st, 2022.

The removal of these vehicles was important for the protection of fish, specifically salmon and trout populations and the habitat which they depend on.

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