The first question if you want to fish in BC is, do you have a license? Today join me and my friends in fishing freshwater salmon in Vedder river, Chilliwack, BC.
My friends and I have our Tidal license means we can fish in salt water but not in freshwater, so we will drop by at Cabellas to secure our freshwater license before heading out to the river.
Wish us luck today, hope we can catch salmon for a good dinner dish.

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New VERSION of Vedder River! 19th Dec, 2021. Vedder/ Chilliwack River Condition

Hello everyone, I went out to the river to check out the condition of the new version of Vedder River. It’s finally showing shapes of what it would be in a normal condition. Water was slightly high still (2.2m). After spotting some fisherman, it seems like it’s still early for steelhead. It was refreshing to be outside. Go out and explore!


#Fishing #Flood #Vedder #River #BC #Steelhead

Chilliwack River Rafting: Canada Day 2019

Canada Day Weekend is definitely one of the top summer highlights at Chilliwack River Rafting. Red and white flags, epic rafting, camping, music, and fun camaraderie!

Two departures per day all weekend long. Book your trip at !!

Whitewater rafting on the Chilliwack River in British Columbia, Canada. Open year round.


Red Summer Chinooks Chilliwack River: Underwater

This is not a fishing video, but I am an avid angler and I use my underwater adventures to help me understand fish and the way they live. These are the “Vedder Reds”, a small summer run of Chinooks that are mostly hatchery fish. The ones in this video are near the hatchery, staging to spawn. There are also a lot of trout and whitefish in there with them, waiting to eat their eggs.

Salmon Honey Hole | Vedder River

Non stop bites and snag. Fishotherapy teaching me how to jig and finally I jigged more accurately along the way. This was so much fun! we made sure to release all of the fish safely in the water. Planned of keeping only one fish so I just released the rest of the legal catches.


#salmon #fishing #vedderriver

Vedder River Coho And Chum Salmon Spawning After The Flood

No Snorkeling for a while, so I found some alternative ways of filming salmon. In this video I documented Chum and Coho using tiny side channels on the Vedder River to spawn. Such side creeks and channels provide a stable and safe environment for the eggs and fry. The adult fish are more vulnerable to predation, but it’s a risk they take to give their offspring a better chance. I hope you like it, thanks for watching.

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