Chilliwack River Underwater: I Set Up An Underwater Spycam And Find A Dead Steelhead.

I this episode I go for an evening adventure in the river. I spend some time swimming with mountain Whitefish, play around in some gnarly white water, and set up a Sony Action Camera on the bottom to capture natural fish behavior. I also found a dead steelhead. I’m not jumping to conclusions, but the dark bruise right between the eyes is highly suspicious. This was a wild fish with an adipose fin.

Chilliwack River Valley April 13 2020

This video is about taking a drive up the Chilliwack River Valley, drove Chilliwack Lake Road, Foley Creek FSR, Chipmunk Creek FSR, and Chilliwack Bench FSR, April 13 2020

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Chilliwack River Winter Fishing – Late December 2016

My first winter outing to the Chilliwack River with buddies Neal and Zach. We put on a lot of river mileage and threw a bunch of lures/baits but came up empty on Steelhead.

In this video you’ll see a number of mid & upper river runs. You’ll also see all the lures/baits I used along with a few laughs.

Apologies on the lens often covered in droplets. There was a lot of snow/sleet coming down throughout the day, so it was hard to keep the lens clear.


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Illegal Steelhead Fishing in the Chilliwack river

We ventured out today to clean some trash, but i wanted to try and film some steelhead as well! My last couple swims have provided a lot of gear but I have been unable to see many steelhead. So today we headed up to a place where I know they would be. But again you are prohibited from fishing here, many people know this location but I try not to say exactly where it if for those aiming to poach.

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